[M&B Magazine] Professor Son IlRak, Father of BEAST’s Son Dongwoon

Professor Son Ilrak mentioned his second son, Son Dongwoon, who is well known as a maknae and the visual member in idol group BEAST. Even since young, Son Dongwoon was receiving love calls from various entertainment agencies. Naturally, he started his dreams of being a singer. But Prof Son IlRak opposed his dreams in the initial stages.

“My philosophy has always been ‘giving education that would hone his skills’, but at that time, I didn’t exactly know what were his talents. Perhaps he has a strong curiosity for the entertainment industry, but since we have no idea about the industry, I was worried, hence I opposed his dreams.”

However, Dongwoon took a vocal test in one of the famous agency, and had proven his ability which had started his trainee life during his first year of middle school.

“I worked hard to support him in silence. I thought that as my son entered his 3rd year of middle school, he would think that the entertainment industry doesn’t suit him and would then give up. But after asking experts and many people around, they said that he had a strong adaptability as well as good skills. I could only feel bitter then. I went into a really strong conflict with my son. We even fought to the extent that I wanted to disowned him from home. (laughs)”


But Prof Son IlRak took a time out to sort out his thoughts. That was when he joined the marine team. Usually, parents would oppose their children to be in the marine team, but Prof Son was different.

“I joined to understand my inner self. And the thought of ‘it was all my greed’ came to me. Therefore, after the trip, I suggested to my children and my wife to join this trip in the future.

Family trips continued to be like a communication project.

“I spent more time talking to my son. And at the end of it, I said ‘Okay, let’s do this’. And I started teaching my son in his studies again. It was a self-made decision, so he worked really hard in his studies.”

However, after Dongwoon’s 3rd year in high school, he chose the road to be a singer again and would be making his debut soon.

“Of course, I was worried all the time after his debut. I have no idea about it, and ‘celebrities’ sounded like a family business. (It’s an industry) Where family have to look out for many things. Even now too, when there’s a bad article about other celebrities, my heart sank like it’s one of my concerns. Even so, his road ahead seemed to have turned out smooth.”


After returning from ‘World Tour’ in countries of Europe and Asia, BEAST followed with ‘Japan Tour’ and plans to release a album in mid of April. Prof Son IlRak encourages the idol culture and even gave opinions on where the industry should improve on. Lately, Son Dongwoon is not only active in group activities. His individual activities have increased with a musical role as well as the MC of a cable channel.

“As of now, my son is 24 years old, but I’m still worrying. Fortunately, rather than the conceit mindset of never ending popularity, it seems that he is preparing for when his popularity drops. I’ve encouraged him to take up a new field. When there was this musical proposal, I asked him to try it out. Although he was still lacking as compared to a professional, but as he challenge this field, his ability has definitely gone better. I think that youth itself is the potential within.”

Professor Son IlRak and his strong bond with Son Dongwoon is well-known even among BEAST’s fans. Prof Son Ilrak would write letters to his son, while Dongwoon would share talks with his father. Thanks to such warm education given by Prof Son IlRak, very often, Son Dongwoon would pull out a book to read or to study languages such as Mandarin, English and Japanese even during his busy schedules. But there’s one thing that we are all curious about, does Professor Son IlRak share dating tips to his son?

“I never talk about dating stuff with my son. This is because he is in an age capable of making decisions that relates to his personal life. Unless if my son shares with me on that matter, I will not pay much attention to it. Being in a relationship is a natural process and I think that it’s good if idols have the chance to date. However, I am concern if the strong attention that it might attract would strain their relationship. Fortunately many idol singers started out at a young age, so they are maturer and more aware of the situation.”

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Source: M&B Magazine



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