[OSEN] Yoon Doojoon appointed as CF model for cold noodles

Yoon Doojoon has been appointed as the new advertisement model for cold noodles.

Yoon Doojoon who took the main lead on tvN ‘Let’s Eat’ had garnered attention for his ‘eating broadcast’ scenes. It was reported that Yoon Doojoon has recently completed a shoot for a cold noodles brand in Gyeonggido.

Modelling for apparel brand previously,Yoon Doojoon who takes charge as the ‘visual’ of BEAST was revealed to have received and is currently considering various advertisement proposals after the broadcast of ‘Let’s Eat’. In particular, his natural yet expressive eating look on broadcast have appealed to wide audience.

His role in the drama has brought high anticipation for his upcoming activities. It was also revealed that Yoon Doojoon was appointed as an honorary ambassador for K League with his strong passion and interest in soccer.

Amidst many love calls, Yoon Doojoon will soon be making a return in the music industry as a member of BEAST, and is currently preparing for their long-waited comeback.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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