[Union Press] The more-than-sexy charms of five girls, 4minute!

4minute, the ladies who are a ‘hot issue from head to toes’, are once back again to take over Hongdae Clubs. ‘Issue maker’ 4minute has stepped into their 5th year since debut. Rather than a ‘sexy Hyuna’s girl group’, 4minute wants to be a group that holds concert. Rather than ‘issues’ or ‘troubles’, 4minute aims to present an amazing album and performances. So how would 4minute World look like?

WAIT A MINUTE ‘SNSD, 2NE1, Wait A Minute!’ 4minute’s 5th album titled ‘4MINUTE WORLD’ was released on 18th March. It’s that time of the year with an intense girl group competition.

(SoHyun) “We don’t deliberately search for a good timing. Rather than that, we want to promote when we think that we’re fully prepared, regardless of the timing. There are seniors who promote at the same time, although we are aware of that, but all of us are able to show the power of girl groups, so that’s quite nice too.”

(Gayoon) “Musically, we might be more burdensome if we came out with similar songs. But since the genre seems to be very different, we don’t worry about it that much. Since last year, we heard that we don’t have that luck to win awards. Today, rather than the mindset to get awards, we hope to be able to increase awareness of our group through our music.”

Whatcha Doin Today? 4minute has been working with producer S.Tiger since their debut with ‘Hot Issue’. Since last year though, 4minute worked with Brave Brothers in ‘What’s Your Name’, and have gained positive responses. This time round, ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today’ can be said as  the second version of ‘What’s Your Name?’

(Jiyoon) “S.Tiger Oppa is a composer that understands the original us, and is also a close Oppa of ours. He would always asks us, ‘what do you want to do (in next album)?’ first. So, we seemed to have attempted different challenges when we are with S.Tiger Oppa. ‘Muzik’ was an electronic song with a strong female warrior image. It was a song that we wanted how it to be. On another hand, Brave Brothers producer-nim is a person who gave us a new image. Previously, we were like ‘we’re fierce’ but ‘What’s your name’ and ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today’ are both songs filled with femininity but with honest and bold statements.

4MINUTE WORLD The members has personally worked on this album. Since the planning of this album, till the MV shoot, 4minute members personally produced and participated in the coordination of this album, and therefore, they felt a sense of affection and satisfaction for it.

(Gayoon) “I think it’s the first album that we could say that we produced it. In previous albums, communication was limited to only our company’s staffs and planning team, therefore, we never involve in album producing. This time round, we personally gave ideas and opinions. So, we felt more attached to this album. All five members even gathered together to see the release of the songs digitally as well as monitoring its results.”

The overall album has a free vibe. ‘Wait A Minute’ is a unique song about food and cooking while title track ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today?’ has stripped off 4minute’s original ‘fierce’ image. Two unit songs were included as well. Jihyun, Jiyoon and SoHyun sang ‘I’ll let you know’ while Gayoon and Hyuna came together for ‘Come In’, both which are different from the original 4minute style. Lastly, ‘Thank you :)’ contains 4minute’s heartfelt messages towards fans.

알려 줄게 (I’ll let you know)  We thought it would be sexy or fierce. But this time round, it’s a bouncy yet free-styled song. With such ambiguous concepts, indeed, what is the ultimate image that 4minute ladies want to show?

(Jiyoon) “We had the opportunity to perform with DJ DOC sunbaenims at a pool party. During the concert, we’ve watched how they interact with audiences on stage. We were like different persons before and after the concert, we were really moved. All these while, we thought that since we are a performance group, we have to be cool-looking. But after that concert, we realize the fact that we have to interact with the audience. And that’s the birth of our goal to be approachable to public listeners. That’s part of the reason why we went along with a party concept in our latest MV. It is an MV filled with our natural and friendly looks.”

Despite the fact that 4minute has debuted for more than 5 years, they have yet to hold a solo concert. Making plans for one this year, 4minute’s eyes sparkles as they started talking about their concert, expressing their passionate desires.

(SoHyun, Jiyoon) “We have always wanted to hold a concert in Korea. We don’t need a large venue. We would be happy if we could have concerts with small venues more often. With that in mind, in this album too, we have put in more efforts in the performances aspect. We hope that the listeners would look at our performance and say, ‘I hope to go to 4minute’s concert'”

들어와 Come In Hyuna and Gayoon’s unit song ‘Come In’ was recently banned by SBS broadcast stations for its sexually suggested lyrics. We asked if this was noise marketing and 4minute clarified saying that it was a misunderstanding as well as expressing their regrets.

(Hyuna) “It turned out to look like noise marketing, but when we were recording for this song, we didn’t think that this song could be interpreted as a sexual song. We focused on appealing each member’s unique vocals, so we didn’t seem to worry about the lyrics. ”

In fact, the song itself is sweet and bright. If it was sung by FIN.KL or perhaps any innocent girl groups in today’s industry, this song may not be ban. It seems like ‘sexy Hyuna’ has a trauma effect on this song.

(Hyuna) “I don’t think that my sexy image will cause trauma. Staffs have worked hard, so I could stand on stage confidently. Therefore, even if I stand on stage for just 3 seconds, people would see me as sexy. The members, however, often said that I’m cute. I have lots of cute sides in my usual self.”

(JiHyun) “Honestly, we didn’t really come out with a sexy concept that often. We were just labeled as being sexy. Since last album, we wore unique outfits that speaks about our personality. Rather than ‘sexy’, we hope that everyone would look at our individual personality.

고마워 Thank you 🙂 4minute is an exceptionally family-like group. Other groups often have friends from different groups, but 4minute only sticks to each other. It’s all thanks to all those difficult and happy periods.

(Gayoon) “After ‘Hot Issue’ and ‘Muzik’ went well, we changed things up and made our debut in Japan straightaway. Our overseas promotion was a period that made us return to our original intentions. We often worry a lot whenever we release an album. During those times, we would gather together and talk about our worries and frustrations, which, I think, makes us even closer.”

Although ‘4MINUTE WORLD’ has its free-spirited vibe, it was a result of five members’ close relationship. They’ve been through highs and lows throughout these 5 years. And once again, we will be anticipating 4minute’s next 5 years in ‘4MINUTE WORLD’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Union Press


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