[Sports Korea] Yoon Doojoon expressed thoughts over appointment as K League ambassador

Followed with the news of Yoon Doojoon appointment as K League ambassador, Yoon Doojoon today attended the appointment ceremony and has expressed his thankful heart to an idol of his, Choi YongSoo, who is also currently the coach for FC Seoul team.

It’s the very first time where an idol is appointed as an honorary ambassador of K League. President Kwon OhGap expressed, “I’m really happy to introduce Yoon Doojoon-ssi as our ambassador today. He’s a person who has consistently shown keen interest and passion for the Korea soccer team. I hope that Yoon Doojoon-ssi will be a supporter for K League and spread more awareness for Korea soccer team.”

Yoon Doojoon also expressed his thoughts, “I’m really grateful that this opportunity to be an ambassador for K League was given to me. I like soccer a lot, so, this is one opportunity that I would not want to miss out on. I will love Korea soccer team and as a fan, K League needs to step up its game, I think the future for Korea soccer team is a bright one”, he answered.

When asked about his favorite coach and player, Yoon Doojoon replied, “FC Seoul coach Choi YongSu and Kim NamIl.” Yoon Doojoon explained, “When I was younger, I like coach Choi YongSu the most. He was the one that gave me dreams to be a soccer player” and, “If I could take a picture coach Choi YongSu, there’s nothing more honorable than this opportunity.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Korea


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