[Xports News] ‘Soccer-dol’ BEAST Yoon Doojoon appointed as ambassador for K League

Idol group BEAST member Yoon Doojoon will be partnering up with K League.

Short for, Korea Professional Football League, K League has appointed singer Yoon Doojoon as their honorary ambassador, and Yoon Doojoon will soon unfold variety of events with fans.

Known as ‘Soccer-dol’, Yoon Doojoon is an idol that excels in both singing and soccer skills. Since young, his dream was to be in the national soccer team. Yoon Doojoon is currently a part of celebrity soccer team ‘FC Men’ and often participates in futsal competitions on broadcast shows, showing his exceptional soccer skills in both defensing and attacking techniques.

Soon, Yoon Doojoon will be communicating with soccer fans on K League’s online and mobile official channels. He will also meet up with fans through various events to promote further about soccer in Korea as well as K League.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News


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