[WOWTV] Yoon Doojoon, “Preparations for BEAST Comeback… To fulfill promises made with fans”


Making an impressive transformation as an actor with his role as Goo DaeYoung in tvN drama ‘Let’s Eat’, Yoon Doojoon has given his greetings through ‘InStyle’ pictorial.

Proving his skills through ‘All My Love’, ‘IRIS2’, Yoon Doojoon has once again portray a perfect character in drama ‘Let’s Eat’, leaving a strong impression to the character Goo Daeyoung.

Yoon Doojoon had shot a pictorial for ‘InStyle’. During an interview session, Yoon Doojoon expressed his thoughts on acting, “Acting is really hard. But it has its own charms as well. I feel really thankful that there’s such a good opportunity that came to me. I’m currently still learning diligently on it.”

Also, “I’m still far away from being a macho man. Though I’m bright and positive person, there are some parts of me that are timid. I’m the type that would look after other people’s feelings”, as he speaks about his own personality. When asked about how previous girlfriends think about him, Yoon Doojoon answered, “I always heard that I’m ‘interesting’. I couldn’t be a quiet person. I would always work hard to talk to the other party, (so to make the conversation interesting).” Also, “Since I have a timid side, I think I could click better with people who are relatively active and aggressive,” he added.

Regarding BEAST’s upcoming comeback, Yoon Doojoon revealed, “In order to show a maturer and developed look, we are putting in efforts in lesser individual activities and more into preparations” and, “Acting is a challenge to me. But as a singer, although many may say that we’ve achieved our dreams, I think it’s important for us to maintain our identity as well. Recently, I’ve been thinking of keeping our promises that we have made with our fans. Looking from that point of view, as a BEAST member, I felt the sense of responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Doojoon’s tough charms and honest interview will be included in April’s ‘InStyle’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: WOWTV


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