[NEWS] BTOB MinHyuk attempts acting challenge in ‘Love and War 2’

BTOB MinHyuk has attended a press conference for KBS 2TV ‘Love and War 2’, and expressed thoughts on his own acting skills.

Today, Lee MinHyuk revealed that he’ll be playing the role of Hyunwoo, a younger man that flutters Sooyoung’s heart. “I’m playing a charming character. I wonder if it’s charming enough if I just act like myself. But I think if I were to put in more effort, I would be an even more charming character,” showing a strong confidence with his character. And, “Although I’m extremely nervous, I will film it interestingly and diligently.”

He continued, “Hyunwoo is a charming person. Although some may be interested in Joowon, I believe it’s a character that everyone would like. Please look after my role that is cute, fresh and smart guy.”

‘Love and War 2 – Idols Special’ has been under quite a number of controversies for their idols’ acting skills.

Regarding this, MinHyuk expressed, “I’m a member of BTOB, but other than fans, there aren’t many that know about me. It is my goal to embed a good impression as a rookie actor to those who never knew about me.”

He continued, “Even if I don’t get compliments, I hope they’ll find me as someone who follows the flow of the drama well. I hope that they will look after me beautifully.”

5urprise’s Kang TaeOh plays the role of an ex-boyfriend, Joowon, while BTOB MinHyuk plays the role of a romantic young boyfriend, named Hyunwoo. Both Joowon and Hyunwoo fight for the love of Sooyoung, acted by Rainbow’s Oh Seungah.

‘Love and War 2’ will be taking on votes from mobile messenger Kakaotalk to decide on the ending of this episode.

On this day, MinHyuk made a tempting promise if his character is to win on the online votes, “I will sing and upload a serenade for noonas on SNS,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, ‘Love and War 2 – Idol Special’ will broadcast on April 4th 11.10PM.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MyDaily, Herald Corp, Sports Seoul, Newsen (1) (2), eto


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