[IZE] Industry experts evaluate actor-dols (Yoon DooJoon)


Han YeoUl – Reporter
Yoon SungHo –  Director for movies <할 수 있는 자가 구하라> and <출출한 여자>
Bae JongByong – CJ E&M PD for <꽃보다 남자>

Yoon Doojoon, <Let’s Eat>

Han YeoUl: Solid pronunciation, have senses while giving appropriate breaks in the middle of dialogues, an expression that follows naturally with the script, Yoon Doojoon who acted as Goo DaeYoung has shown his stable techniques as an actor. And that results in a bright yet charismatic next door bachelor who falls into a noona-dongsaeng relationship. Yoon Doojoon has indeed shown an incredible growth since MBC ‘More Charming By the Day’ and KBS ‘IRIS 2’.

Yoon SungHo: He’s brilliant. For idol-turned-actors, one of the cliche is that they undergo substantial training process, and most of the time, they would only memorize their own scripts. But Yoon Doojoon in ‘Let’s Eat’ is not like that. He knows how to bring the tension of the script into his expressions when he acts with his colleagues. If he had chosen a slightly more meaningful production from the start, I think he’d be one of the best idol actor right now.

Bae JongByong: He’s one of those who works hard as both a BEAST member as well as an actor. But Yoon Doojoon proved his potential as an actor significantly through ‘Let’s Eat’, as well as his flexibility in utilizing his advantages to his best. From a warm idol actor to a  smirking charismatic man, he has shown various personalities of himself in acting. I’m curious for actor Yoon Doojoon’s next production.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: IZE


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