[OBS] BEAST to make a comeback soon, “Maintains BEAST colors, but with an upgraded look”

Idol group BEAST are reportedly spending busy days as they hold Japan promotion tours while preparing for their upcoming new album.

Agency Cube Entertainment spoke to OBS Plus on March 14th, “BEAST are currently promoting their Japan tour and making preparations for their new album,” he said.

BEAST has been promoting in Japan since January starting with Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and 4 more major cities in Japan and this tour is expected to make its conclusion by the end of March.

The agency continues, “BEAST have entered into the mid of the Japan promotion tour. They have departed today for their Tokyo concert on the 15th. BEAST’s Japan concert tickets were sold out very quickly, and as a result, we have added additional dates.”

They then revealed, “Their comeback would be at the end of April or early May, if there are any delays. BEAST are now recording for many songs now” and, “We have discussed on many issues so as to present an album that maintains BEAST’s very own colors but one that can show an upgraded look.”

In their last album, member Yong JunHyung took part as an album producer as he produced all album tracks on their second full album ‘Hard to love, How to love’. The album, including title track ‘Shadow’ had received much loves from listeners.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OBS


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