[Newsen] 4minute reveals tracklist…. And two new unit groups!

4minute has revealed the tracklist for 4minute’s upcoming 5th mini album ‘4minute World’.

It was revealed that their new mini album will have a total of 5 songs, including title track ‘What are you doing today’ (translated title). In particular, 4minute’s album includes two new songs of different genres from two new unit groups JiHyun-Jiyoon-Sohyun and Gayoon-Hyuna, hence garnering attention for their soon-to-come releases.

4minute’s JiHyun, Jiyoon and SoHyun will be singing an R&B song, titled ‘I’ll let you know’ (translated title), that expresses a girl’s honest thoughts to a man about what she wants. The lyrics of this song is one that will relate to listeners. Moreover, the fusion of rock sounds at the behind part of the song, further makes it a unique song.

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Gayoon and Hyuna will be singing ‘Come In’ (translated title), an R&B song that has a funky style. This song has a stylish sound and expresses the innocence of an innocent yet bold look of a girl.

Other than these two songs, 4minute takes on an oriental theme in ‘Wait A Minute’, using brass sounds from ‘808Bass’ with an added fun element to it. ‘Thank you :)’ is 4minute’s first ever attempt in a Bossa Nova style song, where the youngest member of 4minute, Kwon SoHyun, makes her debut as a lyricist. It’s a sweet song that contains warm messages for couples. ‘4minute World’ is indeed something worth anticipating as it shows a new look of the 4minute members.

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It was also revealed that 4minute members personally produced the image of the revealed tracklist. In the revealed picture, 4minute were seen at a theme park in roller skates and high heels. The members personally hand-wrote the tracklists with the members as background.

Various props used for the title song, ‘What are you doing today?’ have garnered much attention. 4minute were having cakes, pizza and cocktails as well as using cameras, books and many more. Images release ahead of the official release further emancipated a lively and fun atmosphere.

‘What are you doing today?’ is yet another title track with famous hit maker Brave Brothers. Previously, 4minute took the spotlight with ‘What’s Your Name?’ and will be captivate listeners one more time with ‘What are you doing today?’. This title track has a lively rhythm and a unique major uptempo with lyrics that everyone can relate to, a charms that only 4minute can give out.

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Cube Entertainment also revealed later that day, that 4minute’s lead vocalist Jeon JiYoon will be making a transformation as a rapper in ‘What are you doing today?’ In early debut times, Jeon Jiyoon left a strong impression with her sunglasses and charismatic looks. Therefore, she was often mistaken as the rapper of the group. In the new title track, Jeon Jiyoon, together with Hyuna will be taking roles of a rapper, attempting a  new role for herself. Jeon JiYoon’s professional raps will be heard in the new song.

For now, 4minute members are currently practicing diligently for their ‘4minute World’ comeback. 4minute’s 5th mini album ‘4minute’s World’ will be released on online music stores on the coming 17th March.

In related news, SBS broadcast station has given an ‘inappropriate’ ban for ‘Come In’. According to the representative in concern, they expressed, “The title ‘Come In’ and its lyrics are the problematic issue here. SBS does not intend to review the ban again” and, “The song has passed MBC’s review and we’re still waiting for KBS’ decision on the matter,” he explained.

Tracklist information:

(1) Wait A Minute

Composer: Im SangHyuk, Astro Z, Daniel Caesar
Lyrics: IMm SangHyuk, Astro Z/Ludwig Lindell
Arranged by: Im SangHyuk, Astro Z, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell

(2) 오늘뭐해 (translated title: What are you doing today?)

Composer: Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom
Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Arranged by: Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, Lee JungMin

(3) 알려줄게! (translated title: I’ll let you know!) 
(Sung by JiHyun, Jiyoon, SoHyun of 4minute)

Composer: Seo JaeWoo, ESNA
Lyrics: ESNA
Arranged by: Seo JaeWoo

(4) 들어와 (translated title: Come In)
(Sung by Gayoon Hyuna)

Composer: Park SooSuk, Park EunWoo
Lyrics: Park SooSuk, Park EunWoo, Sleepy
Arranged by: Park SooSuk

(5) 고마워 🙂 (translated titled: Thank you 🙂 )

Composer: Seo JaeWoo, FERDY
Lyrics: Kwon SoHyun, Kim HyunA, Seo JaeWoo
Arranged by: Seo JaeWoo, FERDY.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen (1) (2) (3) (4)


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