[Newsen/Dispatch] 4minute to make a comeback in April… Title track by Brave Brothers!

The 5 ladies of 4minute will be making a comeback soon.

Recently, Cube Entertainment spoke to Newsen and Dispatch in the afternoon of 4th March, “4minute is currently in works for their upcoming comeback, which is set to be around April. If everything goes on smoothly, it is possible for them to comeback at the end of March,” he revealed.

The representative continued, “4minute will be coming back with a Brave Brother’s title track. 4minute had worked with Brave Brothers on many hit tracks such as ‘What’s Your Name?’, ‘Is it Poppin?’, ‘Just Gained Weight’ and many more. For this album, we have maintained 4minute’s personality as well as satisfying to the public’s ears.”

When asked what type of title track it will be, Cube revealed that it’s neither a season song nor a sexy song, but a song that maintains 4minute’s original style. “It’s a ‘4minute-like’ kind of title track” and, “The song is filled with charisma and portrays a powerful atmosphere.”

The representative continued, “The recording for title track and album tracks, as well as jacket pictures for the new album are completed” and, “As for the visuals for this new album, we will show many fresh new looks”, he explained. “We have gathered staffs who had attended New York and Paris fashion walk” and, “the members also gave their continuous participation in providing ideas during meetings. They have given various opinions. 4minute will bring out the best visuals (through this album),” he emphasized.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen, Dispatch


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