[MBN Stars] BTOB, “Holding events with fans is our healing time, our motivation to promote”

Idol group BTOB’s popularity is nothing ordinary. Releasing title track ‘Beep Beep’, BTOB recently rose as a nominee for the #1 spot on MCountdown, Music Core, Inkigayo and many more. This is their best record ever since debut. And we will soon see their ‘Beep Beep’ move towards the peak of the music industry.

As a repayment for such well-received popularity, BTOB are currently busy holding many events to thank fans. On 17th February, they made a comeback with 4th mini album and title track ‘Beep Beep’, meeting up with more than 400 fans before their comeback stage as well as holding mini concerts. On the 18th, they went to Busan, followed with Daegu, Daejon and Seoul for fansigns.

Leader Seo Eunkwang expressed, “I want to communicate more often with fans. Therefore, I always give lots of suggestions to the company, and they thought the same too, hence, our meeting with fans seemed to have increased a lot.”

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Jung IlHoon continued, “It’s been awhile since BTOB last made a comeback. It seems like we’ve gained lots of energy when we see fans, and therefore, we promote even harder”. Lee MinHyuk also expressed his thankful hearts to fans, “We really received much energy from fans. Fans looked like they’re having fun, and we’re happy about it.”

When talked about their busy schedules with broadcast stations, Seo Eunkwang said, “Physically, it’s really tough, but mentally, we’re promoting it happily.” Lee MinHyuk continued, “Even if we’re tired, our hearts are warm and filled with abundance, so we don’t really know what is exhaustion. Meeting fans on broadcast stations and holding events  is like a healing time for us,” he added.

BTOB delivered their aspirations, “We don’t rush to the top at once. But instead, we admire each scenery as we take our steps one by one on the stairs. It seems like each of our hard work had paid off, and we’re really proud of it. We want to have fun while promoting for the rest of our activities.” Upon hearing this, Lee MinHyuk jokingly said, “Although I do agree with what the members’ say, my legs are hurt now, I want to go straight up now.”

Meanwhile, BTOB will continue their promotions with ‘Beep Beep’ on music broadcast stations.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN Stars



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