[MBN Star] 3-years idol groups (BTOB), ‘Re-challenge’ is the keyword!


To idol singers, their third year could be the most important time throughout their life span. Saying that their third year is the year that determines their life and death isn’t an exaggerated statement at all. Idol groups who fail to raise their names within these three years could easily mean that their last card has given out.

As such, it is normal for agencies that house three years old idol groups to be more than burdened to raise their names to the mainstream public. How exactly do they see idol groups that had reached their third year?

Ahn HyoJin, marketing team leader for Cube Entertainment spoke that ‘re-challenging’ is the key for their three years old idol group, BTOB. Ahn team leader continued, “Although to idols, being in their third year is slow, but it’s a time where they can show their own charms. In BTOB’s case, they are reaching out to many other areas so as to differentiate themselves from the already-saturated boy group industry. As such, BTOB showed their capabilities in handling a broad spectrum, which includes performing New Jack Swings style and a ballad title track.”

He continued, “Gradually, we will evaluate various possibilities, as well as to enhance fields in which artists themselves wanted to venture into. It seems that now is the time for them to promote in various field such as acting, variety, composing or singing, depending on their capabilities.”

BTOB members also delivered their thoughts, “We want to be those who rise up slowly but will never ever give up of that beautiful scenery (on the peak of the mountain) and therefore appreciating everything during the journey. With so, we get to feel more and learn more.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN Star


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