[Newsen] ‘MCD’ BTOB, “We are nominated for #1? Impossible!”

BTOB are surprised towards their first nomination for #1 since debut.

Today, BTOB was a nominee for the #1 spot on MCountdown. And the results revealed that BTOB was #3 spot on today’s chart.

BTOB member Lee MinHyuk expressed his thoughts when news about their nomination broke out, “It sounds impossible. When we first heard of the news, I was thinking, ‘did he say BTOB?’. I was shocked and touched at the same time. We are really thankful even though we’re just a nominee,” he added humbly.

He continued, “We are really thankful to fans who supported and cheered for us. Our colleagues, too, who have worked hard for BTOB, we thank you so much. We will do our best until the day when we go beyond a #1 nominee to a #1 winner”, stating their aspiration.

BTOB has released their 4th mini album and title track ‘Beep Beep’. Not long after its release, BTOB took #1 on weekly album sales chart, proving their increasing popularity.

(Updated) In another interview with OSEN, BTOB members expressed their thoughts and thankful heart to fans, “We’re really happy that we are nominated for #1.”

BTOB revealed, “We think that this is possible because of the help and support from our Melodies and those who look after us ” and, ” We will get #1 next time, so to be a group everyone will be proud of.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen, OSEN


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