[enews24] BTOB Seo Eunkwang as fixed cast on SNL Korea, “Excited and anticipating it!”

Idol group BTOB’s member Seo Eunkwang couldn’t hide his anticipation and excitement for his participation as a fixed cast on ‘SNL Korea’.

Eunkwang will be partnering up as a fixed cast on ‘SNL Korea’ with his soon-to-come appearance on his first broadcast, which falls on 1st March.

비투비 은광 ”’SNL코리아’ 고정 발탁, 설렘반 기대반”

Met up with reporters recently, Eunkwang revealed, “When the news about me going on ‘SNL Korea’ was released, there were divided responses among fans. Perhaps there are many fans who are still underage, so they expressed concern regarding the idea of me going on a 19+ program.”

He continued, “Still, I’m really excited about my appearance on the show. I think of it as a chance for me to show another side of myself rather than just being on stage. Therefore, everyone, please anticipate my active performance in ‘SNL Korea’,” he said.

In fact, Eunkwang was surprised to hear the various responses from fans. This was because their responses were beyond imagination. He expressed, “I think that fans gave me high anticipation and will watch after me in the show. And so, I will repay them with a better look.”

Previously, Eunkwang once appeared on ‘SNL Korea’ around September last year with soloist G.NA.

Meanwhile, Eunkwang is promoting actively as the leader of BTOB with recent comeback track ‘Beep Beep’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enews24


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