[Newsway] BTOB to star in their 4th reality program ‘BTOB Cool Guys’

The 7-members group BTOB will be showing their charms through reality program ‘BTOB Cool Guys’ (translated title).

Making a grand return to the music scene with ‘Beep Beep’, BTOB will soon return on the TV screen as well with a totally new reality program titled ‘BTOB Cool Guys’.

On the 20th, BTOB released a teaser for the said reality program, which is set to premier in mid of March. This reality program starts with a question ‘What should one do, if he wants to be a handsome guy?’ and the members of BTOB will tell viewers the criteria of becoming a cool  guy. At the same time, BTOB’s true colors will be shown.

‘BTOB Cool Guys’ is BTOB’s 4th reality program. In the teaser video, the  members were seen sitting in a cafe and were attracted to a pretty lady that entered the cafe.

BTOB who has recently made a comeback with ‘Beep Beep’, has always put on solid capabilities on stage as well as variety programs and dramas. Through this reality program, anticipation rises as the BTOB members show what females like in a ‘Cool Guy’.

Meanwhile, BTOB will  be airing ‘BTOB Cool Guys’ through SBS MTV in mid of March.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsway


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