[Newsen] ‘Comeback’ BTOB, “We will have fun on stage, please look forward to it”

BTOB has revealed their thoughts on performing their comeback stage.

On 20th February, the 7-members group BTOB stood on ‘MCountdown’ as they presented their first ‘Beep Beep’ comeback stage. After completing their first comeback stage, BTOB delivered each of their honest thoughts on this new comeback.

Seo Eunkwang expressed, “I always feel excited when we perform our comeback stages. It moved me very much to see many fans come and support us. When we perform on stage, fans would cheer loudly for us, which makes us even more energetic. We’re really thankful to our fans. Because of them, we felt really blessed.”



He continued, “For singers, their first comeback stage is the most important performance. I hope that everyone can look at how much fun and joy when we, BTOB, plays around on stage. Since the song and choreograph are fun in nature, the overall atmosphere is really lively. We will work hard to have fun for every stage. We hope that everyone will look forward to us, as singers who enjoy music on stage,” as he reveals the main highlight of ‘Beep Beep’.


Lee MinHyuk added, “We have not stand on stage for quite some time, therefore, we are both anticipating and excited to do so again. Fan’s loud cheers gave us much strength and it was fun. We hope that we could satisfy everyone with our much prepared stage. Please look forward to the fun and lively BTOB!”

Lee Changsub continued, “It was fun going on stage again. We did much preparation. Although the dance isn’t that hard, I think that it’s a fun choreograph that everyone can follow easily.” He then jokingly teased, “You may see Changsub’s variety of expressions too”

Im Hyunsik followed, “We looked forward to meeting fans after such a long while. And, we are happy about it. I think that this is the happiest moment of a singer’s life. Before going on stage, although we would exchange light greetings, fans gave me the energy to stand on stage with a better performance,” expressing his affectionate heart to fans. He then added, “Look forward to how much BTOB will play on stage with ‘Beep Beep'”

Peniel then delivered his thoughts, “I really like it, because we could finally stand on stage. Please watch how we have fun on our first broadcast. And also, focus on our live skills,” flaunting BTOB’s strong self-confidence.

Jung IlHoon then spoke, “First of all, I was extremely nervous for our first comeback stage. But because of fans’ presence, unknowingly, I became much happier and therefore, put on an exciting stage. It has been a long period since we last meet up with fans on broadcast stations. We feel proud and happy that fans continued to support us. We had monitored our first broadcast. We will do our best to show a more natural and fun stage, as well as showing our free-spirited look. We ask for your anticipation.”

The youngest of the team, Yook Sungjae expressed, “Since it’s our first broadcast stage,  it was mainly nervousness for me” and, “Despite being a weekday, more than 400 fans came to look for us, and therefore we could complete our first stage with much strength.” He continued, “‘Beep Beep’ has an organized dance choreograph, incorporated with our very own gestures and expressions.”

Meanwhile, BTOB released their 4th mini album on 17th February and made a comeback with highly addictive title track ‘Beep Beep’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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