[Newsen] BTOB MinHyuk, “I’m much greedier to get #1 on music show than MVP in ‘ISAC'”

BTOB Lee MinHyuk revealed his thoughts for receiving the spotlight as an athletic-dol.

Idol group member BTOB has recently sat down with Newsen for an interview prior to their broadcast stage on ‘Music Bank’.

In the last season of MBC ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship’, Lee MinHyuk gained a total of  4 medals – 3 gold medals (60m sprint, high jump, futsal) and a silver medal in mixed relay, gaining his title as the MVP of ‘ISAC’. Apart from his talents in sports, he also showed his variety sense in many variety programs, playing an active role in raising awareness for his group name, BTOB.


When asked which is more important – getting #1 on ISAC or on music awards, MinHyuk answered, “Of course it’s #1 on ‘ISAC’!” which caused laughter among the members of BTOB. He continued, “I’m just joking. I think I will be thousand times happier if we get #1 on music broadcast stations. But rather than the greed to get #1, I want to do my best on every stage so as to repay fans’ endless love for us.”

He continued, “Although I’m usually gaining attention through my participation in ‘ISAC’, my ultimate hope is that BTOB will do well. I wanted to do well in different variety programs, including ‘ISAC’ so that BTOB’s name can be spread”, showing his affections for his members. The members expressed, “If a member turns out well, as the member who received love, we are always thankful to him. We are grateful that he gave his best look despite busy schedules and especially when his body condition isn’t at his best.”

Yook Sungjae said, “I was eliminated in ‘ISAC’ during the preliminary round. I tried really hard but it’s unfortunate (that I was eliminated). It felt like I’m not that slow, but I’m not that fast either. In my heart, it felt really hard to defeat 100%’s SangHun. In fact, in previous ‘ISAC’, I took the bronze medal in High Jump. I wondered if I could do well in the 60m sprint too, and therefore I had a little expectation for winning a medal. But the distance between me and other competitors felt really far. 4 of us ran in the preliminary race, and unfortunately, I ranked 4th. But, I have the confidence to win if we are competing in a 30m sprint!” expressing his aspiration.

Meanwhile, BTOB made a comeback with ‘Beep Beep’ on MCountdown on the 20th February.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen



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