[YonHap News] JunHyung, “Idol? Artist? There’s no need to distinguish!”


An interview where we gather three idol representatives among ‘composing-dols’… “Royalty income is a secret… Shall we try working together?”

“I should wear a little younger today. Looking at all these young friends…” (Kim JaeJoong)

JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong (28) is nervous for his photoshoot. Juniors BEAST’s Yong JunHyung (25) and Block B’s Zico (22), “We don’t look young anyway…” which filled the atmosphere with laughter.

“One vocalist and two rappers… we ought to form a team. If we combined our initials JaeJoong, Yong JunHyung, JiHo (real name for Zico), it would be JYJ. Hahaha.”

A prominent similarity between the three of them is none other than ‘idol singers who compose’. The trio are not singers that just sings, but they are composers who produce their very own album. They are the very few idols who gained recognition and titles as ‘Royalty-Dols’.

According to KOMCA, Kim JaeJoong produced 37 songs, Yong JunHyung 60 while Zico produced 46 songs.

Recently, we have gathered the three of them for an interview in a recording studio in SamSungDong and they have flaunted their close relationship among each other. Last year, Yong JunHyung featured his raps in JaeJoong’s song ‘Don’t Walk Away’ while Zico used to work with Yong JunHyung before he debuted as a Block B member.

“One day recently, I felt depressed and went for a drink alone in a restaurant around 3~4am. JaeJoong-hyung called me. He said that he was drinking alone too and asked for a meet up. (Jaejoong) Hyung is a person that understands my feelings even when I don’t talk about it. It’s like we’re connected emotionally.” (Yong JunHyung)

Kim JaeJoong expressed, “I’ve seen many times when JunHyung feels sad. So whenever we meet, I would like to see JunHyung smile.” Zico added, “Both hyungs seemed to be like those who like to enjoy sad emotions”, he teased jokingly.

◇ “The reason why I’ve started composing…

We all want to know why they were interested in composing at first.

Yong JunHyung  revealed that he started producing songs during his regular and repetitive trainee period. “I always wanted to go to (composer) S.Tiger-hyung’s production room” and after getting S.Tiger’s permission, he ‘starts to work’.

He continued, “Composer-hyungs always work in front of the computer, looking like they’re enjoying a game” and, “I wanted to try that too, so composer-hyungs would ask me to start by writing lyrics. As I write, I wanted to produce a melody for it, eventually I made a track”, he explained.

Yong JunHyung who would head towards the production room when he’s free, would chat about ideas with friends and then start to write songs. They always start out with a song title first.

Yong JunHyung explained, “As we have to relate to the public audience, we do compromise to a certain extent.”

Lyrics, on the other hand, mainly came from experiences. When revealed that Yong JunHyung produced the solo title track for Yang Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’, Jaejoong and Zico asked if this song was a personal experience of his.

“I imagined my experience, of course. Haha.” (Yong JunHyung)

“If that’s so, then I think your solo track ‘Flower’ is more of your true story…” (Kim Jaejoong, Zico)

◇ “First royalty income was several million won… It will be interesting if we work together”

“Zico is a friend who raps well, till the extent that I’m jealous of him. His ‘Hook’ idea is really amazing.” (Yong JunHyung)

“My songs often leave many gaps in between. JaeJoong-hyung’s song arrangement and melody are always concise and stable. Also, it’s amazing how JunHyung-hyung’s lyrics would always draw a picture in my mind.” (Zic0).

As the three of them talks about each other, a collaboration idea surfaced.

Kim JaeJoong expressed, “I will always welcome such offer and feel honored about it”

“After one of us produced a track, we can gather and discuss about our melody and rap lyrics. I think it’s possible. It would be really interesting.” (Yong JunHyung)

They wanted to be ‘singers who do well’ but have transformed into composers who produce their own songs and receive royalties. It’s hard to imagine how much they earned exactly.

Yong JunHyung revealed, “When I first started writing for BEAST’s debut album, it was 100,000 to 200,000 Won. At that moment, I didn’t even know the existence of royalties.”

◇ The boundary between idol and artist…”Prejudice”

As the interview goes on for 2 hours, the idol singers revealed their realistic experience.

Zico explains, “I feel sad for those who wear colored glasses when judging us. There are many members who sings well, raps well and compose. It’s too bad that the public doesn’t see our skills.”

Yong JunHyung nods to Zico’s statement. He added, “Although we are happy that people sees us as idols and artists, I don’t really want to distinguish myself. Until I’ve gained recognition from the public, I will work hard for it.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Yonhap News


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