[Newsen] BTOB’s comeback… Not a predictable dance group!

BTOB has expressed their aspiration to be a musician, days before their official comeback stage.

BTOB today (17th February) has held a showcase to commemorate the launch of their 4th mini album.

On this day, among many reporters, BTOB firstly unveiled their performance for title track ‘Beep Beep’. ‘Beep Beep’ was a song produced by Brave Brothers and its witty lyrics easily leaves strong impression on listeners.

Despite the medium tempo of the song, BTOB put on their grooves while dancing to the song. Jung IlHoon and Lee MinHyuk strong raps further raise anticipation for this group. Not long after the release of ‘Beep Beep’ and their 4th mini album earlier this midnight, it soon rose to top spots on music charts.

Seo Eunkwang expressed their thoughts, “We are extremely nervous for being able to make our comeback. Whenever it is, we will work really hard to show the public our best. I’m really anticipating our first comeback stage”. Yook Sungjae continued, “We actually decided to use a different prop during broadcast. Performances that use sofas or chairs are really cool. It felt different when we see it on broadcast”.

Lee MinHyuk stated his goal, “We have prepared diligently and ambitiously for this comeback, so we hope for good results. Larger than the rest, our biggest goal is to be a step closer towards being a publicly recognized group. We have prepared with many aspects taken into consideration, we hope that everyone would anticipate us,” he explains.

Rather than worrying about competition among the boy groups, BTOB places primary focus on the music they produce – a music that captures the mainstream public through BTOB’s very own charms. Lee MinHyuk expressed, “I think that ‘Beep Beep’ is a song that suits BTOB a lot. It’s like we can play on stage. We don’t plan on competing with other groups. We just want to focus on our music and produce music that we enjoy.”

Jung IlHoon talks about BTOB’s unique charms.”We have our own colors. When you see us, you’ll definitely see that we’re not just going out on stage. It’s BTOB’s color to present high quality, interesting and happy vibe” and, “The melody is really addictive too. When we first took on the song, the melody from ‘Beep Beep’ kept on playing in our ears.” Lee Changsub added, “BTOB is of a single color. I don’t know what type of color would appear if we have all of them together, but BTOB has its exclusive color. It’s a color that only BTOB gives out.”

On this day, BTOB put on not just any boy group performance, but a performance by capable musicians. Talking about their upcoming promotions, Im Hyunsik expressed, “Every time whenever we release an album, we would participate in it. This latest album too, it’s an album that all members participated in it. We had written and composed songs in our last album as well. Our advantage is that we are a team who really likes music. In future releases, we would want to give our all in it. Not just in our album, we will show a new side of ourselves by participating in other artists’ album too.”

He furthered, “I hope that people don’t think of BTOB as just a boy group. We hope to hear the word ‘musicians’ with our names. And we will work really hard in music so that we won’t be ashamed when we are called ‘musicians'” and, “We will give our best in becoming a group that always upgrade ourselves and bring joy to everyone’s ears”, he revealed.

(Updated) ‘Beep Beep’ which was released on the 17th midnight, have entered TOP 10 as well as gaining #1 spot on Gaon chart in terms of album sales. These few signs give rise to a possible to their first #1 since debut.

If they were to achieve #1, Lee Changsub revealed, “We will go back to our first intentions. We will shave our heads to show that we will work even harder.” His shocking remarks startled all the members on the spot.

Quickly, Lee MinHyuk said, “Not all the members will do so, only Changsub will shave his head” while Hyunsik proposed, “I think it would be good if we take a video like WonBin sunbaenim in movie ‘Ahjussi’.” Changsub once again emphasized, “Please help me so that I can shave my head.”

Regarding their newly released song, Seo Eunkwang explained, “‘Beep Beep’ is a strong title and it’s really addictive. We felt that the public will definitely feel this song, “expressing his confidence.

Lee Changsub continued, “It’s an album that is of deep meaning to us. We trust that this album will bring us more towards the public. Compared as to previous album, we will show our upgraded, maturer, sexier, honed, humorous and glamorous side”

On this day, MinHyuk introduced himself as ‘the rapper who is good in sports and music’. When asked about ‘MinHyuk Effect’, the members of BTOB delivered their grateful heart to MinHyuk, “Of course we felt it.”

Hyunsik continued, “We’re really thankful if any one of us are able to play an active role. We’re happy and grateful to IlHoon’s Cutie Player too. MinHyuk did his best despite such schedules, therefore we’re really surprise and thankful.”

IlHoon added on, “Honestly, it’s not healthy for MinHyuk even if he’s having a good body. We really thank him for having such fighting spirit despite being in a bad condition.”

Changsub continued, “MinHyuk-hyung was recording and slept for only an hour before he records for Dream Team. Yet, he took #1 during that episode. It was really touching.”

It was revealed that BTOB actually received new year money from singer Tae JinAh.

When asked which artists gave their support for this comeback, IlHoon revealed, “We went to support Rain senior in broadcast station. We went and said, ‘we have watched your performance, it’s was really great. We will make our comeback soon, please give us your support’ and he took a picture with us.”

Im HyunSik continued, “At that time, Rain-senior was promoting as BiJinAh with Tae JinAh-senior. We gave signed CD to Tae JinAh-senior and he gave us new year money in return, saying that it’s the price of the CD. He even supported us by saying, ‘The team which I give money to will definitely turn out well.'”

Jung IlHoon continued, “That amount of money was given to Seo Eunkwang. We don’t know what happened to that money. Some time after that, Eunkwang had a new pair of shoes”, creating a sea of laughter.

Also, Lee MinHyuk added, “As soon as our song was released on music sites, 4minute and BEAST seniors supported ‘Beep Beep’ on SNS. We’re really touched.”

Lastly, “G.NA-senior took care of us even before our song production. She showed many songs to us. We are really grateful to G.NA.”

It was revealed today that Seo Eunkwang will be a new cast on SNL Korea. He expressed his thoughts, “Nobody knows how happy I am. I have done 3 musicals so far, so I don’t feel rejected towards acting” and, “I’ve grown more and more greed for acting. I will perform well on SNL to show a wild and exciting side of myself. I hope for your anticipation.”

Lee MinHyuk also mentioned, “BTOB is planning on a reality show. We want to show fans our usual life as well as when we’re on stage. Please give us your anticipation”

Meanwhile, BTOB will have their first comeback stage on 20th February through ‘MCountdown’

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen, OBS News (1) (2), Newspim, News1


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