[UP News] BTOB reveals distinctive jacket pictures, ‘From CEO to Barista’

Idol group BTOB has revealed their unique and distinctive jacket shoot.

Today, BTOB’s agency, Cube Entertainment has revealed new jacket pictures of BTOB for their upcoming new song ‘Beep Beep’.

BTOB members were seen in different careers, hence, showing a unique concept among each other. Leader Seo Eunkwang wore white suit that portrays a young CEO, while Lee MinHyuk sits in a yellow sports car with a casual wear, which further emancipates his masculinity.

Lee Changsub put on a free-spirited  image with his skateboard while Im HyunSik transformed into a warm and gentle barista. Peniel, who is often likened to a puppy, shot his pictorial with a real dog, hence, gaining attention.

Jung IlHoon who always has a different artistic sense was seen painting a wall and Yook Sungjae put on a tough look as he shoots sitting beside a motorbike.

In another news, BTOB has also revealed a second teaser video today. Unlike previous teaser, female dancers were seen dancing scantily in the video. Not long after its release, the teaser received a 19+ ban from SBS MTV as the dancers danced with obscene gestures.

Representative from Cube Entertainment clarified, “In order to emphasis on the exciting factor of the song, we have decided to release an elated dance scene from a club.”


BTOB’s upcoming title track ‘Beep Beep’ will be available online and offline on 17th February at 12am KST.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: UP News, OSEN





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