[Stars-HK] 4minute captured Hong Kong fans during showcase

Korea’s popular 5-members girl group 4minute held their first ever showcase in Hong Kong, titled ‘Name is 4MINUTE Showcase in Hong Kong’. The ladies of 4minute took the opportunity to spend a warm and touching moment with 4nias.

JiHyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and SoHyun came on stage with bright and colorful outfits and sang hit songs ‘What’s Your Name?’, “Is It Poppin’?’ and ‘Mirror Mirror’ right from the very start of the showcase. After performing these 3 songs, the members flaunted their Mandarin skills as they greeted one by one in Mandarin, not forgetting to say ‘I Love You’ to fans in Cantonese and Korean.

Followed after, 4minute performed ‘Change’, ‘Huh’ and ‘Pretend’. Especially during ‘Pretend’ stage, leader Nam JiHyun was seen crying when she saw fans from the front row cheering for them. Seeing JiHyun’s tears, fans immediately screamed ‘I Love You’ and ‘Don’t Cry’.

Other than their hot performance, 4minute even prepared an interaction session with fans. The members taught fans to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean and more, as well as cultures and traditions during Korean new year.

The members also said some auspicious statements  in Cantonese in conjunction with the Chinese New Year period, for example, ‘Bring in much wealth’ and, ‘Hope for your health’. Furthermore, 4minute ladies personally try their hands on calligraphy and gifted the said calligraphy to fans who won in games.

Meanwhile, five lucky audiences were chosen by 4minute to enter into a game of Q&A. Hyuna mentioned that she recognized a Taiwan fan inside the venue, which shocked and moved the members. Towards a question regarding 4minute’s concert, the five members expressed that they will give everything to bring out their best performance  if that’s what fans want.

After the interaction session, 4minute continued to sing ‘I’m Okay’, ‘Muzik’, ’24/7′, ‘Heart to Heart’ and ‘Hot Issue’. In particular, during the last stage, they went down the stage and shook hands with fans, thunder-like cheers can be heard in the venue. As an encore stage, 4minute once again sang ‘What’s Your Name’, giving the showcase a beautiful and unforgettable conclusion. (Click for more press pictures)

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Stars-HK


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