[OSEN] BEAST’s Japan tour fully sold out! To add additional dates

BEAST are set to add more dates to their Japan tour due to explosive reactions by local fans.

‘BEAST Japan Tour 2014’ started in January with Chiba and Nagoya and is set to hold concerts all round Japan. After releasing an album in Japan recently, BEAST held solo concerts, attended festivals and broadcast, hence, gaining attention from Japan media outlets.

BEAST who have consistently shown powerful performance and stable live skills on stage are well received in the Japan’s entertainment world as well. This was proven with their standings on various local charts. BEAST’s Japan’s largest blog site Amoeba also ranks first among their KPOP peers.

Their concert tour for this time round includes stops in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and more, which makes up a total of 11 performances.

The initial 11 performance, however, was fully sold out. Fortunately, BEAST have decided to add more dates in NHK Hall. NHK Hall is situated in Shibuya Tokyo and is a place where artists who are recognized musically and publicly performs. Therefore, it brings a deeper meaning to BEAST and their fans.

Meanwhile, BEAST have gathered 5,000 fans in Nagoya and Chiba stops. They’ve performed hit songs from Korea and Japan, as well as putting on special stages, which perfected the overall performance. BEAST’s next stop would be on 8th February, where they will move to Hokkaido and hold their 3rd performance.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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