[Naver Sports] ‘Suwon Blue Wings’ rookie goalkeeper talks about Roh JiHoon



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Surprisingly, Noh DongGeun actually has an extra special fate with Roh JiHoon, a singer who has been gaining intense popularity especially after ‘ISAC’ broadcast. Roh JiHoon was a soccer player, goalkeeper to be specific, who was a representative for the youth team then.

Noh DongGeun revealed that the goalkeeper-turned-singer was actually a one-year-older senior from his middle school. Noh DongGeun continued, “We contact each other quite often. JiHoon-hyung said that he’s proud that I’ve become a soccer player.”

“When I first heard that he was going to stop (soccer), I felt sad. But I’m happy that he’s doing well in the celebrity world. (JiHoon) Hyung is a rookie in the celebrity world while I am also a rookie on the soccer field. I hope that both of us will turn out well. I hope that (JiHoon) Hyung could turn up for Suwon Samsung Competition. Although he had left for the entertainment industry, as a junior, I want to let him see how I do in a competition”, he expressed.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Naver Sports


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