[Sports Seoul] When did Cube idols become such athletic sportsmen?

큐브 소속 양요섭(왼쪽)-윤두준이 지난달 13일 열린 설 특집 아육대 풋살 경기에서 서로 꼭 껴안고 격려하고 있다. /배정한 기자

‘Athletic results… Cube over SM,YG,JYP!’

‘Idol Sports Athletics Championship’ has been an all-time favorite variety program especially during festive seasons such as Lunar New Year and Chuseok. This year is no exception either. This time round, MBC included curling to existing track races, archery, futsal and more. Fans of different fandoms are, hence, gathered in front of the TV to see how ‘My Oppa’ is doing on the field.

On 30th and 31st January, B Team was crowned the overall winning team. B Team is made up of BEAST, 4minute, BTOB, Secret, C-Clown, B.A.P, Girls’ Day, MBLAQ, A Pink, AOA and Roh JiHoon. The team members took the #1 spot with a total of 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals. To break it down further, they bagged gold for futsal, men’s 60m sprint, women’s relay race, men’s high jump, women archery and men archery. The two silver medals were obtained through women’s curling and mix relay race.

포미닛 권소현(왼쪽)과 비투비 이민혁이 올해 아육대에서 금메달을 따내며 맹활약했다. /MBC 아육대 방송 캡처

What made the headlines was the fact that most of the 8 medals belong to artists who are under Cube Entertainment. BTOB Lee MinHyuk snagged gold in men’s 60m sprint as well as high jump, while 4minute SoHyun bagged her first ever gold medal in women’s archery, especially after she breaks the runner-up curse. In women’s relay race, A Cube’s A Pink took their second consecutive crown. ‘Spider-hands’ Roh JiHoon contributed as the goalkeeper for the futsal category, in which Team B has succeeded in retaining their first position since last year’s broadcast.

In fact, when ISAC first ever broadcast was aired, Cube idols weren’t always grabbing attention with the number of medals. 4minute was always a step behind SISTAR in the group archery category. However, with the new addition of futsal as well as the participation of BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk, Cube artists seen a growing production of ‘Athletic idols’, and hence, starts to garner attention whenever they participate in ISAC.

아육대 풋살 경기에서 비스트, 노지훈 등 큐브 아티스트의 선전으로 B팀이 금메달을 따냈다. /배정한 기자

It’s a result that they constantly sow. Cube Entertainment spoke to Sports Seoul  on 3rd February, “BEAST, BTOB, Roh JiHoon and their managers have come together to form United Cube Team and they will have fun in soccer or futsal every week. Everyone of them loves sports” and, “Similarly, Kwon SoHyun discovered her archery passion through ‘ISAC’. In fact, she participated in amateur archery competition and bagged a silver medal. Everyday is ‘ISAC’ (to them),” Cube Entertainment explained.

BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk representative expressed, “Lee MinHyuk is born with talents in sports. As he graduates with a major in musicals, he’s always disciplined in  managing his body and health. Therefore, he had gained good results in ‘ISAC'” and, “In last ‘ISAC’ where he made his first appearance, Lee MinHyuk revealed that he ran as hard as he could so that he could make a name for the group for he was just a rookie. In this year, Lee MinHyuk was utmost determined with a confidence that BTOB will do well in the coming year (if he does well in ISAC). Although he worried since he just got a ligament surgery, but he’s really happy that his hard work paid off,” he added.

Blessing and happiness follow those who work hard. Cube idols who think that ISAC is ‘a venue for them to communicate with fans’ are now running harder as well as having much more fun as compared to when ISAC was initially introduced. Hence, gaining themselves titles as ‘Athletic-dols’. Rather than the greed to bag gold medals and becoming overall winners, the results were merely just awards from their healthy lifestyle.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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