[OSEN] ‘ISAC’ MVP BTOB Minhyuk, “They see me as a festive star”

BTOB MinHyuk, the star who swept medals on MBC Festive Program ‘Idol Sports Athletics Championship’  and crowned MVP has delivered his thoughts for getting such great results. Wittily, he called himself a festive star.

Bagging 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal, Lee MinHyuk recently met up with reporters to talk a little behind story after being crowned MVP on ‘ISAC’.

He said, “My friends said that I get attention only during festive seasons, and they called me a festive star” and, “We are about to release a new album now, even though now isn’t a festive season, I will prepare diligently for our upcoming promotions”, he laughed. MinHyuk revealed, “After ‘ISAC’ was broadcast,  a few friends who hadn’t call me up for quite some time contacted me. I’m amazed that even long-time friends called me too.”

MinHyuk is a member of BTOB that debuted in 2012. All the members of BTOB have shown their gorgeous looks and exceptional singing and dancing skills. In particular, MinHyuk’s third participation in ‘ISAC’ have garnered attention for he had bagged gold medals for sprints and high jump.

In this year’s ‘ISAC’, MinHyuk created a whole new record in the High Jump cateogry, and followed by gold medals in men’s 60m sprint and futsal. In mix relay race, MinHyuk also took the silver medal, and hence, crowned MVP for this year’s ‘ISAC’.

MinHyuk is known to be a person who likes sports even during his usual times. “No matter how much I love sports or how good I’m at, there are always times where I would feel burdened since I had to get good results in ‘ISAC'”. In fact, according to the production crew of ‘ISAC’, many idol stars feared to get better results than the existing ones. But MinHyuk was different.

He revealed, “When I first appeared on the show, I had only one thought, which is, what should I do to win this race. This was my third time participating in ISAC, since I’ve gotten slightly familiar with the surrounding now, I don’t feel that much pressure. I just thought of giving my best”, he explains.

Followed with the amazing results in ‘ISAC’, MinHyuk will soon release BTOB’s new title track ‘Beep Beep’ on the coming 17th. This song has already garnered much attention when a snippet of it was aired during ‘ISAC’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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