[OSEN] ‘Comeback’ Roh JiHoon, “Secret to my handsomeness is…?”

Finally after a long year and 5 months of waiting, soloist Roh JiHoon made his comeback and has expressed his thoughts on being able to meet fans after these long while.

Prior to Roh JiHoon’s first comeback stage on ‘MCountdown’, he met up with OSEN, “I’m excited with the much love and attention”, delivering his grateful heart to fans who have waited patiently.

On this day, Roh JiHoon also talked about his comeback thoughts, “I made a comeback after a year and 5 months. However, I have received lots of attention and love, much more than what I’ve expected, and I’m really excited these days” and, “This has given me the motivation to perform diligently, hence, I will do my best on stage,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Roh JiHoon had garnered quite a spotlight for his passion in MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’. Regarding this he replied, “About 10 years before I started singing, I was a soccer player. Even now too, I would exercise to release my stress.”

Roh JiHoon’s upgraded visual through this comeback has become a topic too. He revealed, “I eat chicken breast, lesser rice and workout one whole day without breaks” and, “If you ask what’s my secret, it would be constant exercise. I think working out is the best method.”

Lastly, Roh JiHoon expressed his grateful heart, “I thank you very much for the much loves given to me. In order to repay this amount of love, I will do my best to sing and perform more amazingly.”

Meanwhile, Roh JiHoon has made a comeback on MCountdown today with his self-composed song ‘A Song For You’. However, much to many’s surprise, MCountdown staffs appeared on stage to fix mic stands, leading to many wondering if there was an accident during the live broadcast.

Fortunately (?), representatives of Roh JiHoon clarified that these staffs went on stage was now a broadcast accident, but a concept instead.

Cube Entertainment explained, “Staffs going up onto stage is a concept for his performance stage.”

The representative continued, “Staffs who went up to check with mics and music instruments were just part of a concept. We wanted to create a stage where no one paid attention to the stage. As Roh JiHoon’s song is played, lights goes up and brightens up the stage, where Roh JiHoon’s singing look can be seen.”

Also, “Isn’t Roh JiHoon came from audition programs? Therefore, we want to have a concept that shows his story.”

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Trans: Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN (1) (2)


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