[Aving] 4minute and BTOB appointed as Shoemarker’s models

Stylish shoes multi-shop Shoemarker revealed on 6th February that they have chosen popular girl group 4minute as their exclusive models for the next 5 years, together with an addition of male models by the 7 members of idol group BTOB.

Being Shoemarker’s exclusive models since 2009, 4minute has once again signed an agreement to continue further with the company. Not only did 4minute played an active role in the growth of Shoemarker, the ladies have also consistently appealed the public with their trendy image. For this year, Shoemarker has also appointed BTOB, new partners for 4minute to portray even younger and fresher looks.

4minute expressed their thoughts, “We have been working as models for Shoemarker for a long period now, and it felt that we have grown alongside with them. As we are chosen to be this year’s model as well, we feel really thrilled about it.” BTOB members, too, spoke about their very first endorsement, “We are filled with emotions as we were chosen to be new models for Korea’s prominent shoes multi-shop. We felt honored for being able to work with our local best girl group, 4minute as well. We will work hard to introduce these shoes”, they said.

4minute and BTOB will be holding promotions for Shoemarker’s newly-released products this year, as well as attending various marketing activities to build the image of Shoemarker.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: AVING


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