[enews24] Roh JiHoon self-composed song crowned #1 on two music charts “Potential proven”

Rookie soloist Roh JiHoon has proven his ability as his self-composed song rose to top spots on music charts.

On 5th February, according to Roh JiHoon’s agency, Cube DC, his new song ‘A Song For You’ crowned the very honorable first places on Bugs and Soribada real-time charts at 10am today. At the same time, Roh JiHoon’s latest single charted at top spots on Melon, Cyworld Music and various major music charts.

노지훈, 자작곡 ’너를 노래해’ 음원차트 1위 ”저력있네~”

Hearing of such great news, Roh JiHoon took to twitter to express his grateful heart. He wrote, “Everyone, I sincerely thank everyone who gave extreme attention and love to me, someone who is still lacking in many aspects” and, “I will work my best in the future to be not a one-off singer, but a singer that stays in everyone’s heart.”

Meanwhile, Roh JiHoon will be performing his comeback stage on Mnet MCountdown on the coming 6th, hence, unfolding his long-awaited return.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enews24


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