[TV Daily] Rain to release Repackaged album and track ‘I Love You’… “Not dedicated to Kim TaeHee”

비 사랑해

Soloist Rain has clarified that his upcoming new song ‘I Love You’ is not a song written with Kim TaeHee in mind.

On the 4th of February, Rain’s agency, Cube DC expressed, “Rain will be releasing a ballad track titled ‘I Love You’, a music transformation after popular ‘LA Song'”

Rain’s ‘I Love You’ is also a song that was composed and written by the starlet himself. With a magnificent accompaniment  of String instruments, ‘I Love You’ is a confession song which perfectly depicts a man’s emotions when he falls in love. ‘I Love You’ starts with a sweet narration and is a song that brings the warmth during winter.

In particular,since ‘I Love You’ is a proposal song that expresses a man’s sincerity, netizens wondered if this song is dedicated to girlfriend Kim TaeHee.

However, in an interview prior to his comeback early this year, he revealed, “The said song is written before I and Kim TaeHee started dating. It was a song 3~4 years ago.” Cube DC representative, too, confirmed the matter with TV Daily, “It’s not a proposal song dedicated towards Kim TaeHee. It’s just a normal proposal song”, they emphasized.

Rain and Kim TaHee’s dating news was revealed in January 2013.

The repackaged album includes additional tracks ‘I Love You’ and ’30 Sexy Remix’. It comes together with 64 pages pamphlet and 36 pages notes.

Rain’s new song ‘I Love You’, together with the repackaged album of ‘Rain Effect’ will be released on 7th February throughout all online sites. The album will be available offline on 11 February. Currently, Rain is shooting last few scenes of Hollywood movie ‘The Prince’ in America.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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