[Newsen] BTOB invents new menu ‘Beep Set’ prior to comeback

Prior to their new release, BTOB introduced a very new menu, ‘Beep Beep’ set.

BTOB’s upcoming title track ‘Beep Beep’ is a song firstly cooperated with Brave Brothers and will be revealed on the coming 17th. Prior to the release, BTOB released a teaser image in which they race each other on cars, as well as releasing audio teasers through various variety shows, hence, alluring attention for their near comeback.


As part of their comeback promotions, BTOB shared and introduced personally created menu ‘Beep Beep’ Set on a radio broadcasts.

Their new menu will be on sale in Cube Cafe together with their upcoming ‘Beep Beep’ title track on 17th February. ‘Beep Set’ is made up of a bun and a drink. The news of this new menu has garnered support from fans who have waited for quite some while.

The members are currently promoting their new song actively. On 3rd February, Lee MinHyuk and Peniel who are part of the fix MCs went on ‘Sukira’ and ‘SimSimTapa’ respectively. They personally prepared ‘Beep Set’ and gifted them to guests and staffs on the show.

Followed after BTOB’s unique way of promotion on Sukira, many listeners as well as fans are highly anticipating ‘Beep Set’.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be releasing their 4th album and title track ‘Beep Beep’ on the coming 17th.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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