[enews24] Roh JiHoon sings ‘A Song For You’, “Strong greed in music”

Soloist Roh JiHoon returned to the music scene with latest single ‘A Song For You’. And the attention grew as he presented to all music lovers a song written and composed by Roh JiHoon himself.

Roh JiHoon has started his surprise promotion for ‘A Song For You’ after its release on February 4th 12PM. In particular, singer Shorry gave his warm support as he featured his raps in the song.

노지훈, 쇼리 지원사격 속 자작곡 컴백 ”음악적 욕심 크다”

‘A Song for You’ is a song that uses acoustic guitar sound and lyrical melody which fits well with Roh JiHoon’s mellow voice. In particular, Roh JiHoon personally wrote and composed the song. Despite being a freshman singer, he made remarkable achievements with his stunning growth as a singer writer.

During a meet up with Roh JiHoon’s agency, Cube DC, representatives expressed, “Roh JiHoon has a strong greed in terms of musical. Although it’s just a single, because he wanted to show his colors, he returned with a self-composed song’ and, “We believe that everyone will see a developed Roh JiHoon”,he revealed.

In fact, there were no plans for him to promote on broadcast initially. But in order to show fans his upgraded look, they have finally decided to let him promote on broadcast. The representative continued, “Although it won’t be long, Roh JiHoon who wanted to show his grown musician look wanted to appeared on stage to meet up with fans”, expressing his aspiration. Roh JiHoon will be finally going on broadcasts starting with Mnet Mcountdown on the coming 6th.

Meanwhile, former national-level acrobatics gymnast Shin SuJi appeared on Roh JiHoon’s ‘A Song for You’ MV, which has garnered attention.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enew24


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