[OSEN] Team B, Cube Artists shine in ISAC… House of Athletic-dols

Cube Entertainment has been garnering attention for their athletic artists who have participated in MBC ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship – Race, Archery, Futsal, Curling’ (short as ISAC) recently. In both broadcast of ISAC, all Cube artists participate in each category with full passion.

In the futsal category, Roh JiHoon and BEAST’s put on a remarkable performance. Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang made extraordinary attacks and defences, as well as showing their professional soccer skills. Roh JiHoon, or also known as ‘Spider Hands’ defended attacks from the opposing team perfectly. Last year, they had participated in the futsal category as well, and the game as well as team members had since gained popularity.

BTOB bagged medals as well as new records in various competitions. In High Jump, Lee MinHyuk made a new and impressive record of 185cm, and took down the gold medal. MinHyuk who recently underwent ligament surgery not long ago, was gaining popularity with his high jump skills when he jumps higher than his height.

4minute Kwon SoHyun took her first gold medal in Archery. SoHyun who participated in ISAC as well as taking lessons from archery club had successfully snagged her first gold medal from long-time medalist Sistar’s Bora. Kwon SoHyun even broke the camera lens. In the last determining shot, SoHyun gained a remarkable 10 points after a tense moment.

On the 31st broadcast as well, Cube artists continued their fiery passion. Lee MinHyuk was a strong contender in 60 metres sprint. Roh JiHoon, Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang also face off stong competitors in the futsal game.

In ‘ISAC’ where singers from almost every entertainment labels participate, Cube Entertainment garnered popularity for their long-run achievements throughout the day. Team B, in which BEAST, BTOB, 4minute, Roh JiHoon and more are in, were crowned the Best Overall Team, while Lee MinHyuk snagged the MVP for this year’s ISAC show.

Cube artists will be showing their continuing passion in the entertainment world as well. BTOB broadcast a short snippet of their new song ‘Honk Honk’ (tentative title), in ISAC while Roh JiHoon will be making a comeback with ‘Sing About You’ (tentative title) on February 4th.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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