[Newsen] Roh JiHoon to make a comeback with self-composed song ‘Sing About You’

Roh JiHoon is returning to the music scene.

Roh JiHoon will be making a comeback with a self-composed song known as ‘Sing About You’ (translated title) which will soon be unveiled on February 4th.

The news was known through Roh JiHoon’s twitter on February 1st. He revealed, “It’s my first ever self-composed and written song, and I had the chance to show to everyone. February 4th, I hope for everyone’s love”, he wrote.


(Updated) Roh JiHoon’s agency Cube DC expressed, “Roh JiHoon will be making a comeback after his debut song ‘Punishment’ in November 2012, with a song that he personally composed and wrote, ‘Sing About You’. Roh JiHoon’s ‘Sing About You’ has an acoustic guitar sound and lyrical melody. It’s also a song that matches well with his mellow voice.

The representative continued, “‘Sing About You’ is a true story that depicts a sad break up of Roh JiHoon himself” and, “The song lyrics depicts his longing for the person he loves and with the comfortable acoustic melody, ‘Sing About You’ will show Roh JiHoon’s musically emotional side,” he explained

Roh JiHoon was a previous contestant of MBC ‘Star Audition – Birth of a Star Season 1’. After signing with Cube Entertainment, he soon after released a mini album titled ‘The Next Big Thing’ in November 2012 with title track ‘Punishment’. Roh JiHoon was an active musical actor during his blank period as well. He took part in musical ‘Elizabeth’ and many more activities which had widen his spectrum.

Roh JiHoon is a part of the highly anticipated Cube DC artists which include Rain (Jung JiHoon) and Shin JiHoon.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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