[Star News] Rain concludes ‘LA Song’ promotions… Back to movie shoot in America


Soloist Rain will be concluding his ‘LA Song’ promotions through today’s performance on ‘Inkigayo’ and return to Hollywood for his movie shoot.

After ending ‘Inkigayo’, he will depart for Los Angeles, America for his upcoming Hollywood movie, ‘The Prince’ film shoot.

It was revealed that Rain initially planned to end his promotions with a goodbye stage on ‘Inkigayo’ on 19th January and attend the shoot in America. But as a repayment to fans’ support, Rain rescheduled the movie shoot and was able to extend his promotion period.

During this period, Rain put on a duet stage with trot singer Tae JinAh on Music Bank and Music Core, forming a group which also famously known as ‘BiJinAh’ on the internet . The formation of ‘BiJinAh’ further raised Rain’s ‘LA Song’ on various charts despite already released for quite some time.

Rain who will be completing a short 3-weeks promotions will depart for America for the filming of ‘The Prince’. He also plans to attempt in some new Hollywood auditions.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: StarNews


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