[DongA] ‘Acting-Dol’ Lee Kikwang to take a new role in drama ‘God’s Present’

Idol group BEAST member Lee Kikwang will be taking on an acting role in ‘God’s Present – 14 days’ (translated title from ‘신의선물-14일’).

On the 24th, Lee Kikwang’s agency, Cube Entertainment delivered the news about Lee Kikwang’s participation in SBS upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama.

Lee Kikwang will be playing the role of Snake, an idol singer. In the drama, he plays a strong motivated character that vows to achieve his dreams after the suicide of his respected and loving brother. Snake is also leader of Lee BoYoung’s daughter’s favorite rock group.

‘God’s Present’ is a drama that portrays a story about a mother who time travels in order to save his loving son.

Lee BoYoung plays the lead character named Kim SooHyun, while Kim TaeWoo will be cooperating with Lee BoYoung as a married couple. Moreover, B1A4 member Baro will also be participating in ‘God’s Present’.

‘God’s Present’ is expected to be aired after drama ‘One Warm Word’ which will be around mid of February.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: DongA


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