[OSEN] ‘Dream Team 2’ BTOB MinHyuk crowned ‘Iron Man King’ after 12 hours of recordings

BTOB MinHyuk’s winning streak of 5 categories in Dream Team has gained him the ‘Iron Man King’ title among idols.

On the 19th January episode of KBS 2TV ‘Dream Team Season 2’,  idols compete with each other to be the Iron Man King of idols. In this episode, Lee MinHyuk came in first in 5 different categories out of a total of 7 categories, which had him crowned the overall winner for the episode. It was a title gained after 12 hours of recordings over the night, from 7PM to next morning 7AM.

On this day, he flaunted his skills of a different level and pushed 100% member Sanghun to second place after a fiery battle even till the very last moment. Despite Sanghun’s strong tenacity to win, MinHyuk was the final victor in the end.

Wearing his gold medal on his neck, winner MinHyuk delivered his winning speech in happiness during an interview, “Being able to win first in 5 categories, more than majority contestants, especially the last competition, I’m happy. Sanghun-ah, you have played really well as my rival today. You’ve worked hard. Even so, I’ve won today,” as he couldn’t hide his excitement.

Sanghun made a deathly mistake when he did not heard the ‘start’ signal in one of the competitions, which had pulled down his ranking from being number one. He expressed, “Even from my point of view, I would really want to do well like MinHyuk-hyung. He was amazing. Although I had the greed to win, in the future, I will work hard so as to not repeat the same mistake again”.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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