[Men’s Health] BTOB Lee MinHyuk reaps thrilling results with harsh training!

Even in the new year, one cannot survive the growing number of idols in the KPOP market. The challenge faced by BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk who understood the weight of the world early was so, and still is, even today.

How many idol groups do you think are promoting in today’s Korea music industry? If you turn on your TV, you’ll see idols and start thinking that the world is flooded with idols. But, what shown on the outside are just a tip of the iceberg. The KPOP market is a game with intensifying competition. In order to survive, idols have to practice to their limits at places not often seen by the public. And that means, idols have to burn their youth to do so. Should I do this or not – That’s how the KPOP market works. Behind those glamorous stage, it is a bloody competition. Inevitably, they have to bear with the future of uncertainties. Their diligence, is rather touching.

While 2PM, BEAST, Infinite and many more groups reach their peak, BTOB stood on stage with much anticipation. Lee Minhyuk thought that they would easily get to the top during his trainee days. Yet, two years after their debut, BTOB are still the next generation idols. Although there are many rookie groups who have yet to show much presence as compared to BTOB, Lee MinHyuk couldn’t hide his insecurity. “I (trained) harsher whenever I think of being successful. I’ve become even more realistic compared when we first debut, and my desire to be successful intensifies as well.” Being 25 in the new year, this Horse year born young man will be taking vigorous steps to spur towards success.

My body seems to have gotten better

It was one hellish week. Although I often work out, lately the weather has turned cold rapidly and I’ve become slightly relaxed. Although I don’t usually do personal training, but because of shoots, I would need extreme measures. This is a promise I had with fans, as well as ‘Men’s Health’.

How did you pull through this whole week?

Early morning when I wake up, I would exercise on an empty stomach.I would do about one hour of cardiovascular exercise and then muscles training alone for about 30 minutes. After returning to the dorm, I have grilled- chicken breast, steamed sweet potato, egg whites and soy milk. In the afternoons, I would work out on all body parts, this is to raise definition of my body. I would spend the day doing a whole body workout.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Men’s Health


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