[Hankyung] ‘Golden Disk Award’ Cube Hong SeungSong bags Best Producer Award… Congratulations from Rain-BEAST-4minute

Cube Entertainment’s Representative Hong SeungSong has won ‘Best Producer Award’ for the prestigious ‘Golden Disk Award’ today.

The ’28th Golden Disk Award’ was held on 16th January afternoon. The first part of the show includes a variety of MCs, including BEAST Yoon Doojoon.

On this day, a video of Representative Hong was aired. In the said video, he expressed his winning speech, “I would like to share the honor of this Best Producer Award with producers, juniors, and artists of the nation” and “If there weren’t Cube artists, I would not be able to receive this award. In the future, I will work hard until Korea’s K-POP becomes the attention of the whole world.”

Kikwang, as the representative of BEAST, congratulated Representative Hong, “We hope that Representative Hong will have his health restored. I wish to see him get better, and be that same old producer that allowed us – BEAST, 4minute and JiHoonie-hyung to shine amazingly.”

As a representative for 4minute, SoHyun took on the mic to congratulate him next, “First of all, we would like to congratulate Representative Hong for winning this award. It’s his third award, and I still remember the day when he won his first award, we too, 4minute had also won the Rookie Award. As Representative Hong wins this award, we will be an artist that works diligently as well.” Rain continued, “Congratulations. I will definitely deliver this award trophy to him. I love you, teacher.”

Meanwhile, it’s a joyful day for Cube artists – 4minute won Digital Bonsang Award for ‘What’s Your Name’, while BEAST won Album Bonsang Award and Popularity Award.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Hankyung


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