[TV Daily] Dal Shabet Subin, “I’m envious of BTOB IlHoon’s skills”

Group Dal Shabet member Subin has expressed her thankful heart to BTOB IlHoon.

During a showcase for their newly released album ‘B.B.B’, Subin mentioned high school friend, BTOB’s IlHoon who had helped out in her first ever solo song, ‘Just Pass’. Jung IlHoon personally wrote as well as featured in the said song, further enhancing the song quality.

Regarding this, Subin spoke, “I actually wrote the rap lyrics before making a request to IlHoon” and, “I’ve shown this song to my friends and members, and asked for their opinions. But everyone said that the rap part won’t do it,” she revealed.

She continued, “I tried asking friends around. But the fact is, I actually knew about IlHoon’s rap capabilities even before this. I made a request to IlHoon and he did well for my song. I was touched. I didn’t know that things will turn out this way, but thanks to IlHoon, the song has become better. When the members were undergoing an interview, they said that they liked IlHoon’s part the most. For some reasons, I’m jealous of IlHoon too”, honestly saying her thoughts.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily





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