[OSEN] BTOB Ilhoon shows support to Dal Shabet Subin’s solo song

Boy group BTOB member has gained attention for participating in girl group’s Dal Shabet’s new mini album.

IlHoon had written and featured his raps in Subin’s first self-composed song ‘Just Pass’ in their upcoming mini album ‘B.B.B’, which will be released on the 8th January.

This is Subin’s firstly produced solo song ‘Just Pass’, a genre that has never been attempted before by Dal Shabet before, and is a sad lonely song that fits the winter.

IlHoon who features in the song started out with a gentle charm along to the song. At the later part of the song, Jung IlHoon perfected the song with his ceaselessly powerful rapping skills. It was revealed that Ilhoon and Subin were from the same high school. Upon request from Subin, Jung IlHoon willingly lend her a helping hand by personally writing for the rap lyrics of the song, showing his undivided support for his friend.

According to a statement by Subin’s agency, “(Subin) Faced many difficult parts as this is her first attempt in composing songs. But because of IlHoon’s powerful rap and filled with sense lyrics, the song is enhanced to another level. We are really thankful. We hope for everyone’s anticipation and support.”

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet’s new album will be released on 8th January.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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