[Oh My Star] Yong JunHyung expressed thoughts on conclusion of solo promotions

BEAST Yong JunHyung has expressed his thoughts on concluding his solo promotions.

Prior to his live stage onMusic Bank’, Yong JunHyung met up with ‘Oh my Star’ for a short interview. He said, “Though it’s not 100%, I have realized my goals of releasing a solo album” and, “To me, it’s a good start”, he confessed.

Yong JunHyung started his solo promotions with newly released album ‘Flower’ since December 13th. As expected, the starlet penned and composed every tracks in his first solo album.

Yong JunHyung expressed, “Before my solo promotions, I wanted my music to be recognized. I want to hear words such as, ‘this music is good’, ‘it’s Yong JunHyung’s very own style,” and, “I’ve been receiving lots of praises for this promotion. I’m happy but I won’t be satisfied just yet. I will carry the sense of competitiveness to show the true aura of a musician.”

It’s true that Yong JunHyung do feel lonely during solo activities, but it’s also a period for him to appreciate the preciousness of fans. “Not long ago, I held a fansign by my own. Many fans turned up just to see me, more than I’ve imagined” and, “I felt like there are still many people who trusts me, and with that in mind, I’m motivated to work even harder”, expressing his thankful heart.

Now, it is time to return as a member of BEAST. He will be waiting for the days when he conducts activities under BEAST’s name. “I don’t know why am I like this but it felt like we will go downhill with many groups passing us by,” and “I want to have local promotions with BEAST this year.” He added that he wished to release more than two albums and hold concerts in 2014.

He continued, “We felt that our promotion period was short last year. We felt sorry to fans too” and, “I will hone my skills together with BEAST members. We will show something different in the new year”, stating his aspiration.

Meanwhile, Yong JunHyung couldn’t hide his greed for acting again. He expressed, “Given that it doesn’t interfere with group activities, I would like to act in a good production again if there’s such opportunity” and, “I want to try a fun character, not just a cool one. A rascal type of character would match my preference,” he added.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source:  Oh My Star


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