[InStyle] Funky Fashion Moment, G.NA

Soloist G.NA who’s up and going for her upcoming comeback with a new album had stood in front of the camera with her lively looks. It’s the moment where she flaunts her colorful mix-and-match funky fashion.

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“Looking at idol groups standing on stage and receiving lots of love, as a solo artist, I do feel slightly lonely. But when I’m (performing for the) military, I received shower of loves too. (Laughs)”

“During my long period of trainee times, there were times where I would give up and return to Canada because it was too difficult to bear with. But, I would get to my senses immediately. You can say I’m a person who can only do music.”

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She Tells All..

G.NA who walked into the studio with black skinny jeans and loose sweat top. Other than her shocking  small fist-sized face and ant-like waist, we were once again surprised by her easygoing personality. She doesn’t know what tired is, not until she takes a satisfying cut, and she will burn with passion in posing for her pictorials until that happens. Thanks to her, despite the chilling cold weather, the studio was filled with brightness and warmth.

It would be my sixth album, if I were to include my new mini album.

“Previously, I would be often stressed over showing a new image. But this time round, I was able to work on it with a comfortable mindset . I have yet to settled on a title track, but it’s been planned to be released by end of January, so I hope for everyone’s anticipation and loves!

It’s a fact that the word ‘sexy’  burdens me.

I do feel slightly unjust. Although my chests are usually the highlight of attention, the true fact is, I think that my hips are sexier. (Laughs) But, I always feel thankful for the attention.

I hope to be in a relationship this year.

I’m envious of friends being in a relationship, but if I were to fall in love, I won’t want to reveal to the public. My ideal type would be someone like So JiSub-ssi. Seems indifferent, but a warm caring type of guy when you get to know him.

4minute’s JiHyun, Miss A’s Min and Infinite are long-time friends that we know since trainee times.

We would go for facial treatments or nail care like friends and even have small talks. Going to good restaurants are something that we can’t miss out on.

Park JungHyun and Yoon MiRae-sunbaenim are my role models.

Both of them are Korean Americans that successfully overcome their limits in the language. Plus, they are both singers famous with their rich colors in music and engaging charisma. I want to be like them, a singer that moves and relates to listeners.

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“Body management? Both my parents are athletics and this may have genetic influence on my body, but I drink lots of water. I can drink up to 3 liters of water each day, hence, my nickname ‘the hippopotamus that drinks water.’ (Laughs)” (Click here for more InStyle pictorials)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: InStyle






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