[Sports Chosun] Soloist Rain released teasers for upcoming January 2nd Comeback

Soloist Rain will be making a grand comeback to the music scene on 2nd January.

The singer had released MV teasers for double title tracks ’30Sexy’ and ‘LA Song’ today (31st December), which has raised hotter anticipation for his upcoming comeback.

Previously, it was reported that Rain will be releasing his 6th full album ‘Rain Effect’ on January 6th, however, due to overseas filming schedule, the star had decided to bring forward the comeback date to January 2nd.

Agency Cube DC explained, “There’s additional scenes added to Rain’s Hollywood movie that are needed to be filmed within this month, so there’s a need in adjusting his schedules” and, “Expectations for Rain’s new album have further led to such decision.”

Rain has released teasers for ’30Sexy’ 12PM today followed with ‘LA Song’ at 3PM.

Rain has personally produced, wrote and composed his 6th album ‘Rain Effect’ and will soon be revealed on the coming 2nd January.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Chosun


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