[OSEN] BTOB successfully holds 2nd solo concert in Japan… 3,700 passionate fans

Idol group BTOB has once again swung Japanese fans’ hearts as they held their second solo concert in Japan, ‘Encore the BTOB’.

On the 30th December, BTOB went to Japan for ZEPP Divercity Tokyo and held ‘Live Arch Special! Encore the BTOB’. They have spent 2 hours performing live for 2 performance each. They have attracted 3,700 fans to the concert with their heated up performance, successfully concluding their solo concert for that day.

Previously, BTOB  held their first ‘Live Arch’ concert in October. They’ve showcased amazing skills which captivated fans as well as local media outlets, hence, BTOB came back for an encore concert in December.

From the very start, BTOB received explosive reactions with fans’ passionate cheers. BTOB performed recent title track ‘Thriller’ that portrays their mascunlinity followed by, ‘Second Confession’, ‘I Only Know Love’, ‘Insane’ and many more dynamic stages. BTOB did not forget their self-composed song ‘Star’ as well, showcasing their gentle side with the members’ beautiful mellow vocals.

Not only their masculinity, BTOB gained cheers for their vocal strength. Despite performing dance songs, they showed no signs in shabby singing skills. While receiving loud cheers from the audience for their solid live and performance skills, the members interacts with fans in Japanese from the start of the performance till the end.

In October, BTOB performed V6’s ‘Feel your Breeze’. This time round, the members were eager in captiviating fans’ heart with EXILE’s ‘Tada Aitakute’, Arashi’s ‘Pikanchi Double’, DBSK’s ‘Wasurenaide’ and many more, approaching a step closer to local fans.

BTOB has once again conqured the stage with their extraordinary capabilities. They’ve even received compliments for their solid live, emotional stages and stable performances. BTOB who has already gained strong popularity in Thailand, Singapore and many more South East Asian countries has also reap good responses in Japan.

After 2 hours of performance, BTOB went on with a high touch session with about 300 fans, giving a special present to fans for the year end.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be attending MBC ‘Gayo DaeJaeJeon’ on the 31th and will putting on a special stage for Korean fans.

Please take out with full credits.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN



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