[enews24] ‘Let’s Eat’ Jang WonYoung, “Yoon Doojoon looks like me when I was younger”

Actor Jang WonYoung has expressed his affection for Yoon Doojoon.

Recently, Jang WonYoung wrote a post on tvN drama ‘Let’s Eat’ homepage, with a title that goes, “Hello everyone. I am Jang WonYoung who plays the role of the manager Choi KyuSik (in the drama)”

’식샤를 합시다’ 장원영, ”윤두준, 내 젊었을때 모습과 닮았다”

Jang WonYoung’s very own post on the drama’s homepage has attracted attention as it mentions each and every actors’ personality during the shooting session.

Jang WonYoung showed his affectionate relationship with his co-workers, “Now that actors of ‘Let’s Eat’ have immersed themselves safely with their character, we have grown more relaxed and therefore, we shoot the drama excitingly” and, “Among the actors, we have shared many silly chatters. I think this is the most important aspect to actors. We also share advices on scenes we are about to film the next day.”

He then gave his own opinion on each actor. Jang WonYoung firstly mentioned Yoon Doojoon, “Doojoon-gun has an obviously bigger heart than mine. He’s very outspoken when reading scripts and practicing. We don’t have many scenes together, but he is a truly polite person. He’s like me when I was younger hehehehehehe,” showing a playful side of his own.

(Omitted irrelevant information)

Meanwhile, tvN drama ‘Let’s Eat’ airs every Thursday at 11PM KST.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enews24



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