[TV Daily] Yong JunHyung, “G-Dragon is a respectable sunbae” + “I want to have a drink with Rain”

티브이데일리 포토

Group BEAST member Yong JunHyung  recently held an interview with TV Daily in Seoul Cube Cafe. (Read previous post for more interviews)

When we talk about boy group members who compose and produce songs, Yong JunHyung would be mentioned alongside Big Bang G-Dragon. In particular, both of them have released solo albums in the same year, which makes a comparison unavoidable. Comparisons easily lead to emotional feelings between fans of both team. After receiving a possibly sensitive question regarding the comparison, Yong JunHyung cautiously approached to it as he responded, “(G-Dragon) is a sunbae that I respect a lot.”

“I think that he’s a really respectable and amazing sunbaenim. At one side, I’m grateful to be able to compared to him. I hope that there won’t be any unpleasant incidents among fans arguing who’s the better. Both of us are singers and I wish that fans will have the heart to look after each singers. It’s really unfortunate (if there’s any unpleasant relationship). It could be difficult for Sunbaenim and I feel sorry on behalf.”


In the same interview, Yong JunHyung sent love calls to label mate and senior Rain.

He said, “I want to meet him someday” and, “I always wanted to seek advice from him since there are a lot from him I could learn. But the moment he entered into the company, he seemed to be really busy. I have yet to have the chance to meet him. This is because our schedules often intersects. When I’m back from overseas, Sunbaenim would be leaving Korea,” expressing his regrets.

He added, “I even asked the director of the company, ‘when can we have the chance to have a drink together?’ Once, I learnt that (Sunbaenim) was having a drink and when I went to the venue, he had already left. Our schedules often clash with each other. I hope somehow we could meet within this year or early next year,” delivering his love call to Rain.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily (1) (2)


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