[OSEN] 4minute Jeon JiYoon cast as female lead in musical ‘The Lost Garden’

Girl group 4minute member Jeon JiYoon has been cast as the female lead for musical ‘The Lost Garden’. The production crew of ‘The Lost Garden’ has revealed the singer’s casting news on the 19th.

Jeon JiYoon plays the role of ‘Mercy’, a girl who melts the heart of a lonely giant. She will be showcasing her vocals in ‘Wondrous Dream’ and ‘The Lost Garden’.

Through this production, Jeon JiYoon will transform into a girl filled with feminine charms, different from her usual boyish image that she has put on so far, hence, garnering high attention for the musical. ‘The Lost Garden’ is Jeon JiYoon’s second musical after ‘My Love by My Side’, in which she had gained praises for her hidden emotions and fine vocals.

Jeon JiYoon expressed her thoughts, “I felt fresh being able to play Mercy’s role, an opposite of my own character,” and “She’s extremely soft and is an character I want to protect as well.” She continued, “In the future, I will practice a lot and through my efforts, I will show a good stage,” stating her aspiration.

“BokHee (JiYoon’s character in ‘My Love by My Side’ is a feminine character too, which differs from my personality as well. But BokHee has a realistic side while for Mercy, you can say she’s a fantasy-like character,” she explained.

Regarding her thoughts on cooperating with Kim TaeWoo on this production, JiYoon expressed, “Being able to work with a big sunbaenim,  I’m as nervous like it’s my first stage. He will perform well, so I’m anticipating to cooperate with him and learn some experience from him,” she said.

Meanwhile, ‘The Lost Garden’ will be revealed in Korea on January 17th 2014.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN StarNews


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