[NEWS] Yong JunHyung expresses thoughts on solo debut + Explains title track ‘Flower’

가수 용준형. 제공|큐브엔터테인먼트

Yong JunHyung recently sat down with reporters for an interview in Cube Cafe.

In an Sports Seoul interview, Yong Junhyung expressed his thoughts on standing his very first solo stage,”Although I practiced very much, like it’s not easy to stand on stage alone. Even now too, I would still feel the emptiness of the members when I’m on stage. Prior to my first broadcast, Yang Yoseob came to the broadcast station. He’s like a sunbae who first debuted solo, so he seemed to know how I felt. He said he was extremely nervous then and comforted me. Even if I felt the members’ absence, I will work hard so as to reduce this effect for my audience. ”

Tracks from Yong JunHyung’s album ‘Flower’ are all composed by JunHyung and composer Kim TaeJoo. Among Beast members, Lee Kikwang likes the album the most. Yong JunHyung revealed,”I’ll show my songs to the members first, so as to get some opinions. Kikwang likes ‘Flower’ in particular. After listening to it once, he asked me to send him the song. He would listen to it quite often during usual times too. He had also praised the song like,’how did you manage to write songs like this. It’s really good.’ As for me, ‘Flower’ is a track that I’m highly satisfied of. It took about 4 to 5 months to be completed,” he confessed as he smiles.

He talked about ‘Flower’, “It’s hard to explain exactly the reason I wrote this song. A feel just came. Rather than gaining inspirations from other places, I just got it from myself. It’s like I kept thinking about it when I’m alone. Even when I’m lying down on bed before going to sleep, I would think to myself, ‘how to do it?'”

“‘Listening to a single word title ‘Flower’, it gives a vague impression of a bloomed flower, and I liked that. I think that comparing (love) to flower is really a suitable pair. After showing ‘Flower’ to the members, they said, ‘I hope this would be in BEAST’s next album’ or, ‘this is indeed your song’. I really like to hear those comments. It makes me even more confident.” He continued, “‘Flower’ is not a song I produced with BEAST in mind, so I’m really happy when the members like it too.”

The sad lyrics in his new song ‘Flower’ have gained attention as well. Yong JunHyung revealed, “I think it’s impossible for a person who write love songs to write love songs if he hadn’t love before. The most important aspect would be, able to deliver an empathy where everyone can share. But I hope people won’t assume that every songs I write are through my personal experience,” he said.

자작곡 '플라워'로 첫 솔로 활동에 나선 비스트 용준형

In fact, Yong JunHyung had low esteem due to burdensome thoughts during the production of his first solo album. As he composes, ‘Why is this so hard’ thoughts came into mind too.

“One of the album songs, before it was worked out, the beat was rampage. There were many songs I had to throw away after I’ve composed or written the lyrics for it. When I produced these songs, I was filled with confidence but the next day after they were completed, I would listen again and thought to myself, ‘Am I crazy? Why did I composed such foolish songs”. Such thought kept coming back to me. At that every moment, my 8-years of composer friend since Anyang High School would come to my help.”

“For some parts of a song, it could be difficult to produce. When arranging parts of the song or writing its lyrics, all these have to be  done step by step to complete the whole full song. Most of the time, I would faced difficulties in these areas. I would feel screwed up. ‘Why couldn’t I get a good control over it’, such thoughts came flooding my mind.”

That’s when his best friend and composer Kim TaeJoo came to help Yong JunHyung. Kim TaeJoo was described by Yong JunHyung as a ‘person who knows how to handle everything’, which helps Junhyung in gaining back his confidence.

(Updated) He explained further on his relationship with Kim TaeJoo, “I hope people will not see Yong JunHyung and Kim TaeJoo as separate persons. Kim TaeJoo was my classmate since high school but in reality, we are a team. During high school times, both of us love music a lot and would exchange lyrics that we have written. Even after I’ve debuted, he’s a friend that kept producing music too. We started out incidentally and our thoughts matches each other.”

“There are people always asking why did I continue working with him. But I never thought of separating with this friend of mine. It’s because we both started as one at the very start. Until the day I quit producing, I don’t think I will be separated with this friend.”

가수 용준형. 제공|큐브엔터테인먼트

Talking about his new solo album where Yong JunHyung promotes as a singer-writer, “As I was producing these songs, I have gained lots of experience (musically). In the future too, I hope that I can produce my music like this. Therefore, rather than how the album charts on music charts, I placed my focus on what I want to produce. Through this album, you will see Yong JunHyung’s very own music and I hope I could raise awareness about this. That’s my largest goal,” he expressed.

Stripping of the ‘idol’ image is one of Yong JunHyung’s biggest homework. That said, he’s not desperate for everyone’s love. This is because he felt that it is more important to present good music and an upgraded look.

“I feel sorry for those who wears colored-spectacles (being biased). To those who think like that, rather than saying ‘please look after me’ to them, I think it’s more important to overcome them through music. I don’t have the greed to produce many hit songs. I don’t want to forget my first intentions, which is, ‘to show you my story'”.

Yong JunHyung produced every track on BEAST’s second full album ‘Hard to love, How to Love’ in July. And now, he’s going solo with his self-made album, showcasing his skills as a producer. “Idol that earned a lot through royalties” was the expression to describe him.

He spoke about the royalties that he had earned.

Yong JunHyung spoke about copyright fees during a press conference for his first solo album promotions at Cube Cafe. According to DongA interview, he revealed, “I’m embarrassed that (my royalties income) is exaggerated” and, “Previously, I went on broadcast and stated that ‘it’s to the extent where I couldn’t handle’, but before that sentence, I actually said, ‘at that time of my age, it’s an amount of money where I couldn’t make. Therefore, it was beyond my capacity’, but that was edited and the whole story became exaggerated,” he clarified.

He continued, “After that was broadcast, I had to explained to many people around me, saying that the issue was blown out of proportion. If compared to other singer-writers or artists, their income could be way ahead of what I’m earning”, he laughed.

Regarding the amount of royalties he had received, “I’m not sure how much I received each month, but it’s till the extent that I could support all my family’s living expenses.” he answered honestly while also revealing that he saved most of his earnings.”I have yet to produce many songs, so I’m spending money thriftily.”

<br />
	비스트 홈페이지 캡처<br />

BEAST have debuted for 5 years. Though they have reached that position, to him, staying settle is not an option. He aims to do his very best.

“If we were to stay still, we may lose at that very moment. And that sounds scary. Therefore, I’m always improving myself. When I go to the producing room, my stress becomes loosen. Sometimes I go fishing with friends. I enjoy the tranquility while waiting for fishes. It felt like I could sort out my thoughts.”

2013 seems to be a filled year for Yong JunHyung as he produced for not only his album, but Yang Yoseob’s solo track, BEAST activities as well as embarking on his first acting challenge. It’s a memorable year for him as he attained various achievements.

“First, I hoped that I did well in my acting. Producing my own songs is my passion, and I like this passion. But acting is the same case as well. It has its own charms too. If I’m given another chance to act again, I will consider about it. Although I couldn’t produce an all-perfect album, but I think I have sowed my first few steps. My solo album gave me a chance to test and discover my very own possibility.

In 2014, how would Yong JunHyung put on for fans?

“I’m anticipating the new year. I’m curious as to how far more can I do. I hope that I can be busier in the next year. Rather than attempting on a new field, I wish that I could develop even better in what I’ve started out. Whatever it is, I will do my very best.

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Source: Sports SeoulDongA, News1, Star News, Xports News,
Wow Star, The Star, My Daily, E Today


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