[NEWS] ‘Twenty Years Old’ Press Conference Lee KiKwang, “I was born to receive love”

BEAST Lee Kikwang has expressed his thoughts on his lead role in ‘Twenty Years Old’.

On the afternoon of 17th December, a press conference for 4-episodes UHD mobile drama ‘Twenty Years Old’ was held. Lee Kikwang said, “It’s my first time playing a sweet romance drama with a female lead. The burden is really heavy from the start. All these while, I’ve been playing roles of a one-sided lover only.”

He continued, “BEAST Lee Kikwang…Since it’s my reality, so it want it to turn out natural. I gave my best to show my original side”, he laughed.

On this day, Lee Kikwang talked bout a kiss scene in the drama, “This kiss scene is my first ever kiss scene. Perhaps because of that, I was extremely awkward and nervous. I remembered this scene to be a very nervous one. I looked at the kiss scene at a glance just now, and it looked exciting far more than all those worries.”

Asked of his ideal type, Lee Kikwang revealed, “People who loves me sincerely (is my ideal type). I’m a guy who was born to receive love… so, those who love me are my ideal type,” he reiterated.

He was then asked about his very first kiss experience, “Since I am only human, it’s natural (to have first kiss experience). I didn’t know about it then but my heart was about to burst.. I was so nervous. I think I could even hear my heartbeat,” as he confessed.

Meanwhile, mobile drama ‘Twenty Years Old’ will be broadcast on December 19th.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen, OSEN, My Daily, TV Report


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